At DeusDat the focus is on the client's needs. Whether our consultants are helping you by leveraging the newest technology, process improvements and strategies or working within your established SDLC, we can bring your IT vision to reality. We can fully manage the entire project from management, requirements, testing and deployment.

Application Development

  • Domain modeling
  • System requirements
  • Multiple languages: C#, Java, JavaScript, Clojure
  • Multiple data stores: Relational, RethinkDB, ArangoDB, Hadoop
  • Mobile Applications

System Rehabilitation

  • Reverse Engineered Unit/Integration Tests
  • Code Base Analysis
  • Performance Monitoring and Improvement
  • Source Control Introductions and Installation


A vCIO is a seasoned IT professional that provides corporate IT governance and leadership on a part-time basis. Because they are part-time, they cost dramatically less than their full time counterpart. The cost reduction is ideal for startups, small business or non-profits that see they need IT guidance, but can't pay the $100k+ salary a year for the position.

Strategic IT Alignment

Having the latest technology siting in a closet somewhere doesn't provide the business any benefit unless it's crunching the business' problems. Knowing what to buy, what to create and when to hybridize is key to rationalizing IT. Our vCIOs partner with our clients to plan the business' strategy and create an IT budget to support its implementation.

Project Ownership

Our consultants take personal responsibility to meta-project management. They've run complex projects from initial conception through production maintenance.




Felicity Portal Icon. Big script F holding a lemon. Felcity Home Portal

Home management portal that integrates pantry, recipes, todos lists, and more. Born from the consternation of no meal plans and forgetting needed things, Felicity fills the needs of every home. Manage your daily life. Respond to emergencies like fire or theft. All this from your computure or phone.

Vesalius Medical Portal

Vesalius is a portal targeted at solo, or small practices. It's designed by a doctor for doctors. It's a lightweight system that allows patients to track their own health records while they wait, and share it with the physician that same visit. No more jumping through screen after screen just to see a history or lab. Now the physician's patient's records are just a touch or click away.


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About Us


DeusDat Solutions is a consultancy focused on partnering with our clients to surpass their goals. We understand that now, more that ever, a company needs to balance two seemingly contradicting goals: cost reductions and innovations. Only by innovating can a company expand its current market, develop new markets and increase revenue. Innovation brings risk. Risk brings the specter of cost. We partner with our clients to find process and technical solutions to achieve both goals while mitigating risk.

We leverage 8+ years of enterprise system architecture, design and implementation experience to solve difficult problems for our clients. While our consultants are comfortable with traditional enterprise stacks like WebSphere, DB2 or Oracle, we offer clients competitive, modern FOSS tools for every layer of the traditional application stack. These allow their products or applications to have a lower initial cost and, in our experience, better support provided by the tooling community.

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